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Team of Artistic Photographers

We are Silvia and Carlos, a happily married couple and a team of artistic photographers. We enjoy life through the crafting of artistic portraits and gorgeous images. For us, life is made of moments, romance, tears, surprises, joy and love. We capture those moments, mix them with a little of art and give you beautiful images for you to enjoy forever. We do photography with love and passion. We put the same devotion in your portraits as we would in the portraits of our own loved ones.


About the Company

Picture Artists is a professional portrait and artistic photography based in the Niagara region, Ontario, Canada. Picture Artists provides fine art portraiture and commercial photography. We also provide advanced professional image editing services including, Artistic Work, Picture enhancements, Photo-montages, Retouching and Photo restoration. PictureArtists.com is part of Nextminds, a family owned and operated company, registered in Ontario.


Clients Say

Carlos’ Background

Carlos’ love for photography started at a very early age. He was so passionate that at 11 he studied all 150 issues of a Photography Encyclopedia. At 12 he owned his first SLR camera and he hasn’t stopped studying and shooting since. Photography was not a profitable profession in Colombia; hence he turned into his second passion: computers. Carlos graduated as a Computer Engineer from a Colombian University. He worked most of his professional career in the US. There he created Nextminds, a company dedicated to Graphic design, web design and advertising. In that way he kept photography close to him. When Carlos arrived to Canada in 2009, he decided that it was time to work in his dreamed field: Photography! In 2015 he decided to join the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). After a rigorous process he got his accreditation in Portraiture.

Silvia’s Background

Silvia is an Art lover and has always been associated with activities that involve harmony, beauty and innovation. She graduated as an Architect form a Colombian University and that is why she is a professional in every field she works on, especially photography. She is also an image post-production expert. Silvia sees photography as a way to express herself artistically. She uses her skills in design, decoration, space management and art to apply them to photography. She not only shoots but carefully studies, programs, and supervises every detail of a photo-session, from poses, lightning, backgrounds and colors and up to quality control, in order to achieve exceptional results.

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