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Top of the Line School & Academy Photography

Picture Artists Photography is delighted to offer your school, academy or daycare, the outstanding quality portraits that institutions and parents deserve.

Our goal is to dramatically improve the beauty and quality of the pictures while maintaining affordability and increasing institution and parents’ satisfaction.

We provide one of the most polished, beautiful and detailed studio quality portraiture in the region at your own location.

Services For Institution

• Picture Day* portraits
(Students, Dancers, Cheerleaders, Sport Teams, Bands, etc.)*
• Institutional photography (for Websites, magazines or other media.)
• Performances, Recitals, Awards.
• Event Coverage
• Staff Headshots and Portraits
• Group Portraits: Sports Teams, Bands, Staff and other groups.
• Yearbook Portraits
• Graduation Portraits
• Photo Booth

Our Picture Day Features

• Quality themed or themeless portraits.
• State-of-the-art, password-protected, online galleries.
• Online and offline ordering systems in place.
• Portable studio and props for perfect on-location photography.
• Portraits of excellent quality, including composition, lightning, edition and product materials.
• Affordable.
• Different possess and product choices for parents to choose from.
• Direct customer service to parents through email and phone.
• Schedule flexibility: We take pictures during the same day or several days, depending on population and institution convenience.

Are you a Parent? Help your Institution Get Better Picture Day Portraits!

Would you like to have the quality of pictures Picture Artists Photography offers, at your school or academy?

Text 289-690-1777 the name of your institution and we’ll try to contact them without mentioning your name. You may also fill the form at the end, or email us at smile@pictureartists.com

Share this page with other parents so they can fill their own request, for a better impact.

Why Us

• Experience. This is our 8th year doing “Picture Day” and portraiture with excellent results.
• Top of the Line Studio Quality
• Memorable Portraits
• PPOC Accredited Professional Photographer
• Password Protected Galleries [See Example]
• Online/offline ordering system [Try it]
• Multiple Forms of Payment
• Affordable
• Outstanding edition taste
• Portable studio and props
• State of the Art equipment
• Direct customer service to parents
• Small / Large Institutions welcome

About Us

We are Carlos and Silvia, a happily married couple and a team of Fine Art Photographers. We put all our passion and dedication to craft stellar portraits.

We are among the few accredited by the prestigious PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) in the region, which means quality and peace of mind for you.


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